Episode 1 - Jeff "Chief" O'Neil (ex-Peekskill Brewery and Ithaca Beer Co.)

Episode 1 - Jeff O'Neil

For their first episode, Augie and John sit down with Jeff "Chief" O'Neil, the former headbrewer at Ithaca Beer Co. and the Peekskill Brewery, to talk about his post-Peekskill plans to open an IPA and pale ale-focused brewery (with a dedicated canning line!) somewhere in the Hudson Valley. Chief also reveals his favorite everyday lagers (which may or may not include adjuncts) and talks about what experimental hop varieties he's currently excited about. Meanwhile, Augie and John blind taste three amazing beers that Chief so generously brought along. 

Producer: Justin Kennedy  Engineer: Brian Casse  Music: "Abstract Concepts - What Up in the Streets" by Black Ant