Episode 226 - Blake Arrowood & Jake Meglio, Arrowood Farm Brewery

Episode 226 - Blake Arrowood & Jake Meglio, Arrowood Farm Brewery


Happy Monday, Thieves! We're convinced Justin is working on a piece about farmhouse breweries. Maybe you've noticed that he's booked some of the better ones in the region on the show lately. We sure have. But, that's not a complaint because it means that on a day like today we get to sit down with Blake Arrowood, the namesake at the Arrowood Farm-Brewery, and brewer Jake Meglio in Accord, NY. And they are serious about brewing with what comes from their land. We talk about their 100% farm grown beer as well as the difficulties and benefits working the land bring to each pint. Make sure you visit the farm or their tasting room in New Paltz. We might just tag along with Justin as he does "field research."

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