Episode 51 - Wayne Wambles, Cigar City Brewing

Episode 51 - Wayne Wambles, Cigar City Brewing

For the second part of our Hunahpu's Spring Break 2016 Spectacular®, we talk with Wayne Wambles, head brewer of Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. Wayne is the original brewer for Cigar City. He's the guy that came up with Jai Alai and Hunahpu's and Maduro Brown and all those other CCB beers you love to love. He's also a real brewer's brewer so for this episode, we pretty much just let him talk for 35 minutes straight with minimal interruption from the STB panel.

Note that this episode was recorded two days prior to CCB announcing plans to sell the brewery to Fireman Capital Partners and merging with Oskar Blues and a couple of others under the United Craft Brews consortium. We weren't just being bad journalists—Wayne didn't mention it during our interview and of course we didn't know enough at the time to ask. 

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ProducerJustin Kennedy  Engineer: Brian Casse  Music: "Abstract Concepts - What Up in the Streets" byBlack Ant